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Back to school

I recently started my second year of graduate studies at New York University. I am completing a Master of Music (in Music Theatre) and an Advanced Certificate in Vocal Pedagogy. In the past year, I learned a great deal about how to be a better communicator (as an actor, singer, and HUMAN), I learned a great deal about the anatomy and physiology of the larynx and the human body in relation to singing, and I had the opportunity to work as an adjunct instructor in voice at NYU.

Time has flown by. I look forward to finishing my degree in spring 2018 (it seems so far away, but I know it’s just around the corner) and continuing my development as an artist and teacher.


I recently had the pleasure of spending some time on the beach filming a commercial for the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Being in the museum was pretty cool too. 😉

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Be sure to catch Eric as the Emcee in Cabaret, currently running at the Crown City Theatre Company in Los Angeles.

Performances run Friday and Saturday evenings at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm. Tickets are available by clicking here.


Check out what critics thought:

“Sand brings every ounce of his talent to the fore, proving him to be a true triple threat. Sand plays a number of tricky disguises; like a chameleon, he’s in and out deviously, prodding and pushing, and playing both sides, keeping us guessing.”

—Don Grigware, broadwayworld.com

Click here for the full review


“This cast is musically talented, starting with Emcee Eric Sand, the buff beef cake version (Joel Grey and Alan Cumming never looked so hot) who opens the show singing “Willkommen,” with a forebodingly sexualized, polished performance. He’s delicious. In every scene Eric is mesmerizing.”

—Dianne Williams, nohoartsdistrict.com

Click here for the full review

Two Ladies

“Emcee (Eric Sand)…a muscular lipsticked beauty…the recent Big Apple-to-Tinseltown transplant possesses charisma and vocal chops in equal abundance in addition to being as physically spectacular as Emcees get.”

—Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA.com

Click here for the full review


Eric Sand as the flamboyant Emcee is BEYOND FABULOUS!”

—Pat Taylor, The Tolucan Times

Click here for the full review


Successful Zombies Invade Hollywood

Reviews are in! Zombies from the Beyond is a hit.

There is still time to catch this show at the Lex Theatre (through July 20, 2104). Performances run Friday and Saturday evenings at 8pm and Sundays at 3pm.
Check out what the critics thought:

“What will you find? A Russian spy (Eric Sand) in disguise who packs a wallop of a baritone voice…”

—Ellen Dostal, MusicalsInLA.blogstpot.com

Click here for the full review


Eric Sand scores high for his resonant vocals and muscular (albeit overdressed) torso.”

—Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA.com

Click here for the full review


Eric Sand hits every note with gusto as his character transforms from military man to lover to ridiculously-accented spy to zombie.”

—Toby Brown, NeonTommy.com

Click here for the full review


Eric Sand previously appeared in the Lovecraft show in the role of H.P. Lovecraft, himself; the role was eccentric and played so, but here he practically tears out of his skin in an insanely over-the-top, cornball performance that is hysterical to behold.”

—Scott Feinblatt, HorrorWorks.net

Click here for the full review


Eric Sand has the most legitimate singing voice.”

—Jonas Schwartz, ArtsInLA.com

Click here for the full review


“Zombies From Beyond is a hugely fun musical satire of 1950s sci-fi B-movies featuring a multi-talented cast, spearheaded by the star quality of Amelia Gotham and versatility of Eric Sand.”

—Sandro Monetti, ActorsEntertainment.com

Click here for the full review


“As Rick Jones, Eric Sand had the clean-cut assistant down well, and did a remarkable transformation into the spy from behind the Iron Curtain who wanted the alien for his foreign masters. He sang and moved well, and he was fun to watch.”

—Daniel Faigin, CAHighways.org

Click here for the full review


Eric Sand is charming as Rick. When his character’s secret is revealed, the transformation is terrific and his song, Big-Wig, is really fun.”

—Beth Fisher, BusyBethFisher.blogspot.com

Click here for the full review


“GO! Everyone deserves kudos.”

—Deborah Klugman, LAWeekly

Click here for the full review

“The campy and funny elements along with its talented cast and fun score make it a great addition to the Fringe Festival.”

—Victoria Blackburn, LifeInLA.com

Click here for the full review

“Eric Sand hits every note with gusto as his character transforms

from military man to lover to ridiculously-accented spy to zombie.”

Hollywood Fringe: ‘Zombies from the Beyond’ at the Lex Theatre | Neon Tommy

(click to read the full review)




A Reminder

A short film I worked on. Never take someone for granted or allow them to do the same to you.

Lovecraft Lives Again

Eric will be reprising his role of H.P. in the Visceral Company’s Lovecraft: Nightmare Suite when it is revived in late January at the Lex Theatre.  The show originally ran September 27—November 3, was named LA Weekly‘s “Pick of the Week,” and sold out for a great portion of the run.  Check out some of the other press and production photos from the original run below.

HP Lovecraft

“Eric Sand’s Howard Phillips (the H.P. in H.P. Lovecraft) brilliantly channeled both in appearance and demeanor what we’d expect from the master of horror himself, bookending the production, starting sane and ending mad.”  —Edge Los Angeles

1186217_10151926496476908_1984124402_ncool air

“An H.P. Lovecraft fan’s dream—literally and figuratively, as it presents a remarkably faithful adaptation of some of the 20th century horror giant’s best-loved short fiction, all wrapped up in a fitful, shadowy dream-narrative wraparound (starring H.P.L. himself, played by Eric Sand with a fine balance of growing panic and purple melodrama).”  —Creepy LA

the outsider

“A deftly directed and well-acted show that serves quite well…An outstanding and entertaining production.”  —LAist

Lovecraft: Nightmare Suite

It’s the day of the show, y’all!

Lovecraft: Nightmare Suite opens tonight at the Visceral Company (click the link to learn more!).

The show is based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, an American author who is now regarded as one of the most influential horror writers of the 20th century, and whom author Stephen King cites as one of his greatest writing influences.

I am so excited to be part of this production!  You can find more information on our show (and a few rehearsal photos!) in this article published by the LA Stage Times.

The production begins previews tonight (September 27, 2013) at the Lex Theatre in Hollywood and runs through November 3, with performances at 8 pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and 3 pm on Sundays.

Whether you know anything about H.P. Lovecraft or not, the stories are still sure to entertain.  Oh, and be sure to bring someone to grab onto (there are some frightening moments!).

Purchase tickets here.  See you at the theatre!


Hello!  Thanks for visiting my site.  I recently moved from NYC to LA (I arrived August 10th!), and I am excited to announce I have been cast in a new theatre production at the Visceral Company entitled Lovecraft: Nightmare Suite.  The play opens September 27, and runs through November 3.  Click the link above for more information (and eventually to purchase tickets).  I am excited to be working in a new city, and I can’t wait to share more news as it develops.